Zodiacal Course by Samael Aun Weor

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Synopsis of the Book

Samael Aun Weor wrote Zodiacal Course when he was just starting his work in connection with the dissemination of Gnosis.

Specifically, this is the third book he wrote after The Perfect Marriage and The Revolution of Bel, and it contains the first esoteric course he wrote for the benefit of his students, following the model of the work with the same title, written by Arnold Krumm-Heller some years before.

Samael Aun Weor wrote this course having in mind all the aspirants who were searching for a direct and clear course which would allow them to awaken consciousness and to approach the altar of Initiation so that they could be quickly united or fused with their Intimates or Real Beings.

As he explains in his books, three requirements are essential to reach Initiation:

  • Conscious astral projection
  • Practice of Sexual Magic
  • Sanctification, or elimination of one's psychological faults 

These requirements are extensively dealt with throughout the book.

The author, in this book reveals the key of Sexual Magic, the unutterable secret of the Great Arcanum, and in it he first explains the Seven Degrees of Power of the Fire (not one Kundalini to be raised, but seven Kundalinis) and their relationship with Initiation; specifically, with the great Initiations of Greater Mysteries or Initiations of the Fire.

Simultaneously, Samael Aun Weor, based on his own experience and Initiatory process, recovers for today's esoteric culture the ancient science of Astro-Theurgy or Sidereal Magic (practically forgotten for many centuries now), a science based on the wisdom of the Divine Intelligences ruling all this galaxy, included our solar system; the very Planetary Genii, who the Astrologer-Theurgist has to consciously contact with in order to become a master of all this creation.

In this way, Samael Aun Weor opens up a new cultural paradigm as far as the science of astrology is concerned; a paradigm which will reach its height at the pinnacle of the Age of Aquarius.

In the author's words:

'This course in Esoteric Astrology will turn you into Theurgists and Alchemists, and will develop all your occult powers. Then you will learn how to make yourself invisible, how to invoke and materialize the Planetary Gods in the physical world to converse with them, how to cancel Karma, and the secret art of succeeding in life through certain mysterious formulas which will allow you to use the sidereal rays for your own ends, as well as to help others.'

Table of Contents
Dedication - 1. Aries - 2. Taurus - 3. Gemini - 4. Cancer - 5. Leo - 6. Virgo - 7. Libra - 8. Scorpio - 9. Sagittarius - 10. Capricorn - 11. Aquarius - 12. Pisces - Analytic Summary of the Course - Real Cosmographic Chart - Weekly Astrological Hours - A note on pronunciation of mantrams

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