Treatise on Sexual Alchemy by Samael Aun Weor

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Synopsis of the Book

Written in the year 1954, Treatise on Sexual Alchemy is the first book about alchemy which Samael Aun Weor wrote; his second book was Magnus Opus, written a few years later.

In its twenty-eight chapters, Treatise on Sexual Alchemy deals with the mysterious science of alchemy. Here, specifically, it deals with Western Alchemy, as it was known throughout the Middle Ages, thanks to a number of Adepts who realized and taught it in the last past centuries.

These great Adepts always knew how to transmit the alchemical knowledge through symbols, allegories and mysterious sentences, so that the Knowledge could be only understood by prepared people and  not be desecrated.

In this book, following the designs of the White Lodge, Samael Aun Weor, as a Messenger or Avatar for this period of time, openly explains the meaning of all those alchemical symbols and allegories – all the main alchemical tenets are clearly explained in this work.

Throughout the book there are many quotes from ancient alchemists, such as Paracelsus, Arnold of Villanova, etc., as well as extensive quotes from sacred books, such as the Bible and The Egyptian Book of the Dead, thus demonstrating that the fundamental basis and the 'guiding thread' of all the sacred books of the world, without exception, is the Science of Sexual Alchemy, with its Great Work (whose saint-patron in Western Christianity is the Apostle James, one of the 'three pillars' or great disciples of the Christ, together with Peter and John).

In this book, its author clearly explains that the alchemical laboratory is not outside, but within man himself. All the alchemical tools and elements are within us, and  the whole secret of Transformation or alchemical regeneration is based on sex, on the sexual force, which is present in every human being; the goal being the integral transformation of the human being, the Supreme Immortality, the Initiatory Resurrection, or in the words used by the author of this book 'the birth of the King crowned with the Red Diadem.'

In this book, the author also reveals the Great Arcanum of Sexual Magic; an arcanum that was kept secret during the whole history of humanity, since its divulgence was completely forbidden, under death penalty (arcanum which constitutes the most secret symbol of all great religions; for example the Ark of the Covenant in the Jewish tradition). Samael Aun Weor, as the Avatar of Aquarius, is the only Master who have been allowed to divulge and explain the Great Arcanum to humanity, for the benefit of all human beings.

And it is precisely in the year 1954 (when the Age of Aquarius was about to begin) that the Fifth of the Seven teaches the Fifth Truth, at the end of the Fifth Race. This Fifth Truth is the unspeakable secret of the Great Arcanum and Sexual Alchemy. Secret which is explained and revealed in Samael's alchemical work: Treatise on Sexual Alchemy.

In the words of the author himself:

'So, in this book we have given humanity the most tremendous secret of the Universe.

'We have revealed the Philosophers' Stone, the Elixir of Long Life, the Quadrature of the Circle and the Key to Perpetual Movement.'

The knowledge of this secret and its realization is now vitally important to humanity, since, unlike previous periods of time, we are now at the end of a planetary cycle, meaning that this race is about to end to give way to another race, a 'solar' one.

As the author explains in this work, the Great Arcanum is also represented by Noah's Ark, a true 'arch of salvation', so that all those who enter it can be saved from the final cataclysm and be part of a new regenerated humanity.

In the words of the author:

'Here you have the unspeakable secret of the Great Arcanum.

'Here you have the Ark of the Covenant. Here you have the science of Sexual Alchemy.

'As it was in the days of Noah, who was saved with the Great Arcanum, so too it is in these days, when the Aquarian Age is about to begin, I now give you the Ark of the Testimony, so that you will not perish in this critical time for humanity.

'Those who now despise the Ark of the Covenant will perish, as in the days of Noah.'

Samael Aun Weor
(From Chapter 27, Treatise on Sexual Alchemy



Preface  -  1.  The Seven Loaves of Bread  -  2.  Speculum Alchemiae  -  3.  The Fire  -  4.  The Alchemist's Furnace and the Container  -  5.  The Chapter of Steering a Boat in the Underworld  -  6.  The White Elixir and the Red Elixir  -  7.  The Elixir of Long Life  -  8.  The Chapter of Giving Air in the Underworld  -  9.  The Red Lion  -  10.  The Green Lion  -  11.  Astral Tinctures  -  12.  The Two Witnesses  -  13.  The Chaos  -  14.  The Tattwas of Nature  -  15.  Divine Fohat  -  16.  The Seven Days of Creation  -  17.  Simon the Magician  -  18.  The Hall of Maat  -  19.  Change the Natures and You Will Find What You Are Searching For  -  20.  Salt, Sulphur and Mercury  -  21.  Saline Species  -  22.  Gold and Mercury  -  23.  The Two Mercuries  -  24.  Extraction of Mercury  -  25.  The Philosophers' Living Lime  -  26.  Fundamental Basis of Sexual Alchemy  -  27.  The Great Arcanum  -  28. Our Work 'in the red' and 'in the white'  -  Conclusion of The Treatise on Sexual Alchemy

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