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Samael Aun Weor's chronological landmarks of his life and work


Born on March 6th in Bogota (Colombia) to Manuel Gomez Quijano and Francisca Rodriguez de Gomez.

A few days later he is baptized in a Catholic church and named Victor Manuel Gomez Rodriguez.

1923-1929 Educated in San Bartolome School (Jesuits) in Bogota.
Leaves his father's home in pursuit of a spiritual quest.
1933 Joins the Theosophical Society in Bogota.
1935 Joins the Fraternitas Rosicruciana Antiqua, founded by Arnoldo Krumm Heller (Huiracocha).
samael as a young man
1946 First meets and marries his wife, Arnolda Garro Mora (Litelantes).
She became his esoteric collaborator and mother to four children: Isis,Osiris, Hipatia and Horus.
They would spend the rest of their lives together until his death in 1977.

Samael and his family
1947 Contacts the Gnostic Church in the inner worlds.
Discovers his vocation and mission in life as the Avatar (messenger) of the Age of Aquarius.
Is entrusted with the creation of the Gnostic Movement and with transmitting and divulging the cultural contents for the next cycle of time (the Age of Aquarius). Hence the esoteric titles often accompanying his name: Kalki Avatar and Buddha Maitreya.
1948 April 9. Begins his public activity, delivering his first lectures.
Begins to teach a small group of students.
Settles in Cienaga in northern Colombia, on the Caribbean coasts.
1950 Writes his first book: The Perfect Marriage or The Doorway to Initiation.
(He would rewrite and expand this book in a final version in 1961).

Front cover of the Perfect Marriage - kinder version
1950 October: his second book, The Revolution of Bel, is published.
1952 May. Settles in Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.
Forms a group of disciples.
Builds the Summum Supremum Sanctuarium (an underground temple).
Five of his books are published: Treatise on Occult Medicine and Practical Magic, Secret Notes of a Guru, Christ Consciousness, Zodiacal Course and The Book of Our Lady of Mt Carmel
rites his first Christmas message. (He would write one at the end of every year).
(Later all his Christmas Messages written until 1963 would be collected in one book: Gnosis in the 20th Century)

Picture of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta
1953 Writes three books: The Seven Words, Fiery Rose and Christ Will.
1954 October 27: Incarnates his Real Being: Samael. From this moment on he will sign his books using his complete inner name: Samael Aun Weor.
1954 Writes two books: Handbook of Practical Magic and Treatise on Sexual Alchemy.
1955 Is forced to leave Colombia together with his family.
Travels through Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, 'sowing the first seeds' of the Gnostic Movement in those countries.
1956 January: Arrives in Mexico, settling in Mexico City.
(Once in Mexico, Samael Aun Weor would never leave this country, and Mexico City would become the World Headquarters of the Gnostic Movement).

Samael and Litelantes at the entrance of gnostic centre
1956 Publishes his book The Greater Mysteries.
1957 Writes his book, Fundamentals of Endocrinology and Criminology.
1958 Publishes his books, Universal Charity and Esoteric Treatise on Theurgy.
1958 The A.G.L.A. is created – Three movements of the White Lodge united:
The Gnostic Movement, founded by Samael Aun Weor
The A.L.A.S., founded by Francisco Propato (Luxemil)
The Aryabarta Ashrama, founded by Swami Sivananda

Photos of the three Masters
1959 Four more of his books are published: The Yellow Book; Magnus Opus; Logos, Mantram, Theurgy and The Juratena Mountain.
1960 By now Gnostic Centres are created in most of the Central American republics.
1960 Two more of his books first come out: The Message of Aquarius and Introduction to Gnosis.
Master Samael typewriting
1961 Writes The Perfect Marriage (final version)
(This book is considered the most important work written by Samael Aun Weor).
1961 February. The Gnostic Movement is legally registered in Colombia. From this moment on the Gnostic Movement would obtain legal status in an ever-increasing number of countries worldwide.
1962 February 4. The Age of Aquarius starts.
Publishes two of his books: The Book of the Dead and The Mysteries of the Fire.

Samael teachin a group of students
1963 Writes his first Gnostic Manifesto, entitled: Supreme Universal Manifesto of the Gnostic Movement.
August 5. Writes his second manifesto, entitled: The Gnostic Flag is Flying at Half-Mast.
(following the passing of Swami Sivananda and Francisco Propato).
1964 First Latin-American Gnostic Conference, held in Cartagena, Colombia.
1964 Publishes: The Social Christ, 1964-1965 Christmas Message (Technique for the Dissolution of the 'I') and Cosmic Ships.
1965 January. Writes his third manifesto, entitled: Great Gnostic Manifesto 1965 (The Esoteric Schools).
Writes two books: Social Transformation of Humanity and
Revolutionary Gnostic Philosophy (1965-1966 Christmas Message).
1966 Writes Fundamental Education and The Buddha's Necklace.
1967 Writes The Platform of the Latin American Christian Socialism, Esoteric Treatise on Hermetic Astrology and The Solar Bodies.
1968 First International Gnostic Conference, held in Barranquilla, Colombia.
1968 Writes Esoteric Course in Runic Magic.
1969 Writes Esoteric Course in Kabbalah and My Return to Tibet.
1970 Writes Beyond Death and Parsifal Unveiled.
1971 Writes The Mystery of the Golden Blossoming and his fourth manifesto, entitled: Great Gnostic Manifesto 1971.
1971 Continues preparing future Gnostic missionaries and makes continuous missionary tours throughout Mexico, creating and consolidating Gnostic Centres there.
Photo of Samael lecturing
1972 Second International Gnostic Conference, held in San Salvador, El Salvador.
1972  Steps up the spreading of the Gnostic Movement internationally. First gnostic missionaries are sent to the United States and Canada around this time.
1972 Publishes two more of his books: The Three Mountains and Gazing at the Mystery. Writes his fifth manifesto, entitled: Great Gnostic Manifesto 1972.
1973 Publishes two more books: Aztec Christic Magic and Yes, there is a Hell. Yes, there is a Devil. Yes, there is Karma.
1974 April 20. Founds the Institute for Universal Charity (I.C.U.)
1974 Writes The Secret Doctrine of Anahuac.
Writes his sixth manifesto, entitled: Great Gnostic Manifesto 1974.
1975 Writes Treatise on Revolutionary Psychology.
1975 Sets out to expound one of the most important documents of the old Gnostics: Pistis Sophia, which would be first published in October 1983 with the title: Pistis Sophia Unveiled.
1976 Writes The Great Rebellion and his seventh manifesto, entitled: Great International Gnostic Manifesto 1976.
1976 October 27-November 3. The Third International Gnostic Conference is held in Guadalajara, Mexico.
Samael greeting on his arrival at gnostic conference
1976 The Training Centre for Gnostic instructors is established in Guadalajara, Mexico.
1976 The Gnostic Movement is established in most of the American countries and the first Gnostic missionaries are sent to Europe.
1977 His book Mayan Mysteries is published and his book Treatise on Occult Medicine and Practical Magic comes out expanded and corrected as the 1977-1978 Christmas Message
1977 During this period of his life he is working on several books: Gnostic Anthropology, The Initiatory Path in the Arcana of the Tarot and Kabbalah, For the Few, The Revolution of Dialectic and Gnostic Glossary, which would be first published a few years later.
August. First symptoms of illness appear. He continues writing books and delivering lectures.
November. He delivers his last lecture: The Secret of Quetzalcoatl.
December 24. Passes away in Mexico City, surrounded by his family, friends, Gnostic students...
At this point, the first part of his mission: the creation of the International Gnostic Movement and the writing of the Fifth Gospel (the Teachings for the New Age of Aquarius), is completed.
December 28. His body is cremated.


February 4. In accordance with his wishes, his ashes are scattered to the four cardinal points in Colombia, his native country.

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