Cosmic Ships

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Synopsis of the Book

Cosmic Ships is a book made up of three main parts as it collects two books written by Samael Aun Weor in the early 60's (Cosmic Ships and Flying Saucers) and a lecture he delivered to a group of Gnostic students in the mid-70's.

Unlike many authors who preferred to keep silent for fear of being ridiculed, Samael Aun Weor was clear and consistent throughout his life and public work, as it is reflected on his teachings from the first book he wrote in 1950 (being the first in pointing out the extraterrestrial origin of the flying saucers) to the last lectures he delivered in the late 70's; he never evaded or trivialized the subject of extraterrestrials.

Samael Aun Weor was never afraid of ridicule, and spoke out courageously about so important a subject for all of humanity.

The subject of cosmic ships (flying saucers) and extraterrestrials is now of vital importance for all of us, since, while this planet has always being visited by extraterrestrial beings since the most remote antiquity, now in this period of time, a new stage has being reached, one marking the beginning of the encounter, relationship and collaboration between the extraterrestrial societies and this terrestrial humanity; having as its aim the full integration of this humanity into the brotherhood of worlds (that is, the brotherhood of conscious societies of this Solar System and the entire Galaxy), which will completely materialize in the luminous phase of Aquarius.

This new stage for humanity was sealed with the encounter and collaboration of a group of Martian and Terrestrial scientists in an isolated region of South America during the early 50's, bringing about the Earth-Mars alliance, as the author explains in this book.

Interestingly enough, the modern emergence of the UFO phenomenon, with all its sightings and encounters, began at the end of the 40's, specifically between 1947-1948, just when the Avatar of Aquarius, Samael Aun Weor (as a messenger of the Conscious Circle of Solar Humanity) was taking the first steps in the creation of the Gnostic Movement in Colombia.

This is not a simple coincidence. It is just part of the preparation in view of the beginning of the Age of Aquarius (1962) and the deep transformation which this planet is going to undergo, since the allotted time for this humanity is coming to an end, and a new humanity, a conscious one, in tune with Universal Consciousness, is now being selected and prepared. This new emerging humanity will completely replace this present humanity.

Hence the importance of accessing objective literature on this important subject, since, among other things, it gives us the opportunity to contrast or differentiate solar humanities or societies devoid of Ego, of imperfections, (therefore, enjoying a normalized psyche) from those societies in which, like ours, the Ego is the driving force, the mainspring of action, giving their members peculiar and strange psychological characteristics.

This important learning and contrasting is currently being undermined by the political, scientific, economic and military powers of this world, as they try to hide and ridicule the UFO phenomenon.

In this book, the author stresses the importance of going through a psychological change; specifically, through the elimination of the Ego, as it is the only element separating us from the extraterrestrial societies. Particularly, our ambition, destructive instincts, violence and selfishness; all keeping us away from contact with superior, conscious humanities.

To this end, the author gives psychological instructions for the elimination of the Ego, as something fundamental for us to get closer to the consciousness or vibration of our extraterrestrial brothers, who are here to collaborate with and help this humanity, each one of us.

Now what we need is to develop a sense of love and genuine cosmic brotherhood with all the conscious beings of this Solar System and the whole Universe.

Furthermore, the author devotes some chapters of the book to explaining how to achieve personal contact with the extraterrestrial visitors, through simple practices which we all can do if we are ready to open ourselves and receive these simple and sublime teachings in our heart.

The infinite cosmos is sacred, and is governed by Divine Laws that cannot be broken with impunity, without receiving disastrous consequences.

We Gnostics are ready to study the laws of eternal space in complete humility and at the feet of our space brothers. We know that that is precisely the exact path that can allow us to travel in real cosmic ships throughout infinite space.

Now we need to prepare ourselves by eliminating all our psychological faults, by dissolving the 'I' that we have within, the harmful Mephistopheles within us.

Samael Aun Weor

Table of Contents

Preface - PART 1 - 1. Cosmic Ships  - 2. A Mexican in the Planet Venus - 3. The Pluralized 'I' PART 2 - 1. The Naked Truth - 2. A Jupiterian Visitor - 3. The Man who has been to Venus - 4. Flying Saucers and Little Green Men - 5. The Gnostic Movement - PART 3 - The Extraterrestrials (Lecture) - Appendix - Open Letter

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