Esoteric Treatise on Hermetic Astrology

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ISBN: 978-1-905970-82-7 
FORMATS: ePub and mobi (for Kindle)
Length: 102 pages (approximately – depending on reading device)


Synopsis of the Book

Esoteric Treatise on Hermetic Astrology is a theoretical-practical book on Gnostic Esoteric Astrology. In it, and through a deep study of the twelve zodiacal archetypes, Samael Aun Weor expounds the Science of Gnosis with an unparalleled accuracy and depth.

Unlike his first book on astrology (Zodiacal Course), where emphasis is placed on astro-theurgy and sidereal magic, Esoteric Treatise on Hermetic Astrology has a more ‘doctrinal’ approach.

As it is seen throughout the book, each of the twelve zodiacal signs is connected to deep esoteric teachings, in this case revolving around the science of the Inner Self-Realization of the Being.

In this book, the author expands on Gnostic subjects as important as the Awakening of Consciousness, the Mysteries of Life and Death, the science of Meditation, the Laws of Evolution and Involution, the science of Mystical Death (elimination of the Ego), the creation of the Solar Bodies, and many more. Subjects that are apparently very dissimilar, but thanks to the author’s ability of synthesis, all of them form a unity, an organic whole.

Each chapter also includes esoteric practises related to each zodiacal sign and the corresponding area it rules in the body.

 ‘This astrological-hermetic-esoteric book has nothing to do with funfair astrology, as mentioned in newspapers. In this book we teach the science of Atma-Vidya…. the real wisdom of the Being, of Atman, of the Higher Monad.’

 Samael Aun Weor

Table of Contents

1.  Aries  |  2.  Taurus | 3.  Gemini | 4.  Cancer | 5.  Leo | 6.  Virgo | 7.  Libra | 8.  Scorpio | 9.  Sagittarius | 10. Capricorn | 11. Aquarius |12. Pisces

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