Fundamental Education

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ISBN: 978-1-905970-83-4 
Length: 210 pages (approximately – depending on reading device)


Synopsis of the Book

As its title suggests, Fundamental Education is a book entirely devoted to the important subject of Education.

Specially geared towards parents and teachers, who are directly responsible for the education of children and young people, this book is also of especial interest to all those who are interested in Gnosis, since, in it, Samael Aun Weor deals with general and important Gnostic subjects, such as the meaning of Revolutionary Psychology, the Awakening of Consciousness, etc., from new angles, which are found nowhere in the extensive corpus of the Avatar of Aquarius — with the added advantage that this book is written in a simple and clear language, devoid of technical terms, and hence within the reach of people of all walks of life.

Written in the year 1966, Fundamental Education comes to fill a vacuum and a pressing need in the educational field as this society increasingly alienates itself from the genuine values of the Being, thus creating for itself multiple problems which it cannot solve.

As Samael Aun Weor explains in the book, Fundamental Education is based on two important pillars, namely Revolutionary Psychology and Revolutionary Ethics, which the author spells out through out the thirty seven chapters of the book.

This particular Psychology and Ethics are based on the recovery of the values of Consciousness, that is, of that which is truly human, and it is latent in all of us.

Samael Aun Weor truly knows what he is talking about, since he was a husband and father himself, and a firm advocate of home schooling; so he was a teacher to his children. Consequently, everything that he states in this book is a fruit of his own reflection and direct experience.

The essential contents of this book, as with all the books written by Samael Aun Weor, will be only fully understood by a new humanity in tune with the genuine values of Consciousness. In the meantime, this book will be a guide, a constant reference book, an invaluable help, for anyone who longs to educate himself/herself and wisely educate others.  

‘Fundamental Education is the science of consciousness. It is the science that allows us to discover our relationship with our fellow human beings, with nature, with all things.’

‘The aim of Fundamental Education is to awaken consciousness. It is useless to spend ten or fifteen years studying in schools, colleges and universities if, on leaving the classroom, we are sleeping automatons.’

‘It is urgent that school, college and university teachers fully understand the critical hour in which we live and the catastrophic state of psychological confusion in which the new generation is.’

Samael Aun Weor

Table of Contents

1. Free Initiative – 2. Imitation – 3. Authorities – 4. Discipline – 5. What to Think. How to Think – 6. The Search for Security – 7. Ambition – 8. Love – 9. The Mind – 10. To Know how to Listen – 11. Wisdom and Love – 12. Generosity – 13. Understanding and Memory – 14. Integration – 15. Simplicity – 16. Murder – 17. Peace – 18. Truth – 19. Intelligence – 20. Vocation – 21. The Three Brains – 22. Good and Evil – 23. Maternity – 24. The Human Personality – 25. Adolescence – 26. Youth – 27. The Mature Age – 28. The Old Age – 29. Death – 30. The Experience of the Real – 31. Revolutionary Psychology – 32. Psychological Rebelliousness – 33. Evolution, Involution, Revolution – 34. The Integral Individual – 35. The Man-Machine – 36. Parents and Teachers – 37. Consciousness 

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