Handbook of Practical Magic (e)

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ISBN: 978-1-905970-79-7 

Length: 120 pages (approximately – depending on reading device)


Synopsis of the Book

Magic is the art of consciously influencing the phenomena of Nature by acting from the inner world. Higher Logic and Objective Science are the foundations of Magic.

It is sad to see how this Ars Magna has been so desecrated and decried in the last few centuries, to the point that nowadays everything associated to the word ‘magic’ has nothing to do with its original purpose and meaning.

The Magic of the old hermetic philosophers was always a legitimate right of Conscious Man‘Seek the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be yours as well’. ‘All these things’ are the powers and gifts which the Eternal Cosmic Common Father gives to his Perfect Children.

In all holy books we can find numerous instances of magic science. Are not the deeds of Moses a work of a great Magician? And what about Jesus walking on water? And what about the multiplication of loaves and fishes and the resurrection of Lazarus?

In brief, in his progress towards total science, the Magician understands the Laws governing the Universal Order and the Microcosm-Man, and as a scientist of the Most High, he operates in the laboratory of Nature, always according to the Great Divine Law.

In the Handbook of Practical Magic, Samael Aun Weor teaches the Secretum Secretorum of the Great Arcanum and the elemental keys for the Exercise of Practical Magic. The first lesson of the Path is to understand that the real Magician is the Innermost, who dwells in secret deep within ourselves. He alone has all the transcendental powers. Silence is the armour of the Magician. Humility is his great virtue.


1 The Magician – 2 The Priestess – 3 The Empress – 4 The Emperor – 5 The Hierarch (The Virgin of the Sea) – 6 The Lover (Numerical Figures) – 7 The Chariot – 8 Justice – 9 The Hermit (Initiation) – 10 The Wheel of Fortune (The Ten Sephiroth) – 11 The Force of Persuasion (Chains) – 12 Apostleship (The Athanor) – 13 Death  (The Art of Talking to the Dead) – 14 Temperance  (The Elixir of Long Life) – 15 Baphomet (Black Magic) – 16 The Lightening-Struck Tower (Spells) – 17 Hope (The Art of Talking to the Sidereal Gods) – 18 Dusk (The Evil Eye) – 19 The Radiant Sun (The Philosopher’s Stone) – 20 Resurrection (Potable Gold) – 21 The Return (Meditation) – 22 Transmutation – Glossary – Translation of Exorcisms  

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