Mayan Mysteries

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Synopsis of the Book

Mayan Mysteries is one of the few books about Mayan esoterism written by a qualified Adept of Initiatory Mysteries: Samael Aun Weor.

Mayan Mysteries takes us to the core of Mayan esoterism.

The central subject of the book deals with the esoteric explanation of a number of extraordinary stelas and artefacts found in the Mayan city of Copan, in modern Honduras (Central America).

Copan was one of the most important temple-cities established in the Mayan territory, and as with any other temple-city, its main purpose was esoteric instruction for those aspirants who wanted to pass from the sphere of ordinary human beings into the sphere of the ‘gods’ or Real Men.

What differentiates Copan from other Mayan cities is the sheer number of stelas (large monoliths) packed with figures and symbolic elements demonstrating the great artistry reached by Mayan sculptors — these stelas being true exponents of this marvellous Solar Culture that has graced our planet since time immemorial.

Throughout the book the author explains for the first time the mystic and esoteric content of each stela at Copan.

Mayan Mysteries is an essentially practical book in that many of its chapters contain esoteric practices geared towards those who are not merely contented with theories, but want to go to the core of the Mayan Mysteries, through the development of the inner faculties, the awakening of Consciousness and the direct contact with the Mayan Adepts of the Higher Worlds.

In this book, Samael Aun Weor combines the profound Mayan teachings with the science of the Inner Self-Realization of the Being, this being the true ultimate purpose of Gnosis.

Table of Contents:


PART 11. Stela 6 (A Deva of Nature) 2. Stela 5 (st Andrew’s Cross) 3– Stela E (The Alchemist’s Work) 4. The Mercurial Stone 5. Stela One (An Adept) 6. Stela C (The Stone of Self-realization) 7. Stela N (Coatlicue) 8. The Stairway of Hieroglyphics 9. Stela M 10. Stela H (The Priestess) 11. Stela F 12. Stela 1 (The Solar Man) 13. Stela A (Ruach Elohim) 14. Stela D (The Animal Ego) 15. Stela B (The Mayan Tlaloc) 16. Stela P (The Trimurti) 17. The Serpent 18. The Tortoise 19. The Figure Representing the Four Forces 20. The Rune Thorn (The Work in the Ninth Sphere) 21. The Zodiac 22. The Temple of Wisdom 23. The Stone of Sacrifice 24. The Religious Ball Court 25. The Cross of the Elements 26. The Figure of the Logos 27. The Temple of Meditation 28. The Jaguar (Xolotl-Lucifer-Prometheus) 29. The Figure Representing the Serpentine Fire 30. The Rune Gibur (The Jaina Cross or Swastika) 31. Altar L 32. Altar Q 33. The Stone with the Arcanum No. 18 34. The Spiritual Man 35. Description of a Mayan Bust (St Andrew’s Cross) 36. The Elemental God of Maize 37. The Mayan Vases 38. The Star of David or Seal of Solomon 39. The U-Shaped Yokes 40. The Bat God

PART 2 – Lecture on Atlantis – Lecture on Mayan-Egyptian Relationship – Lecture on Hercolubus – Lecture on Alcyone

APPENDICES – The City of Copan – The Copan Stelae

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