Technique for the Dissolution of the ‘I’

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ISBN: 978-1-905970-93-3
FORMATS: ePub and mobi (for Kindle)

Length: 74 pages (approximately – depending on reading device)


Synopsis of the Book

This book introduces fundamental ideas concerning Final Liberation.

Technique for the Dissolution of the ‘I’ primarily deals with the place we occupy in the Ray of Creation (in the Seven Cosmoses of the cosmic organization), explaining how we can escape from the lower cosmoses to return to the Protocosmos (1st Cosmos), to the bosom of the Eternal Cosmic Common Father, the Changeless Absolute.

In its first chapter the author introduces the science of the Ens Seminis or Exiohehari, which contains all the possibilities so that the intellectual animal can create the Higher Existential Bodies of the Beingescape from the Wheel of Samsara (the eternal cycle of return), and ascend on the scale or ‘ladder’ of the Being, thus attaining Final Liberation.

A major theme throughout the book is the subject of the Ego or Pluralized I: its origin, characteristics, and most importantly, its study and dissolution, hence the title of the book.

Central to the study of the Ego is the study of the Mind. The author devotes the last chapters of the book to this important subject: the mind, its study and control, and the Science of Meditation.

In relation to this last subject, in chapters 8 and 9, the author gives the only meditation technique that must be accepted by and practised in all the Gnostic centres, ‘so that Gnostic meditation is not confused with the dark practises of the Subud and of many other schools of black magic’.

Written in the year 1964, this is the first Christmas Message that took the format of a book, thus introducing a ‘higher octave’ in connection with the teaching delivered by Samael Aun Weor.

Table of Contents

1. The Kundabuffer Organ – 2. The Ens Seminis – 3. The Seven Cosmoses – 4. The Psychological ‘I’ – 5. Return and Reincarnation – 6. Dissolution of the ‘I’ – 7. The Fight of Opposites – 8. Technique of Meditation – 9. Ecstasy 

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