The Buddha’s Necklace

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Synopsis of the Book

Written in 1965, and first published the next year, The Buddha’s Necklace was the third Christmas Message in the format of a book written by Samael Aun Weor.

Christmas Messages, as a whole, have a definite object: to condense and expand the Gnostic body of doctrine in a gradual scale of development, in increasing musical octaves. Therefore, each Christmas Message represents a higher note as far as the delivery of the Gnostic Teaching is concerned.

In connection with this, The Buddha’s Necklace expands on important subjects related to the Gnostic doctrine, some of them being already introduced in previous Messages. Simultaneously, it introduces new subjects, specifically in relation to the science of awakening and the incarnation of the Cosmic Christ (the Venusta Initiation).

In this respect, this book is a good example of the merging of Christian Esoterism and Buddhist Esoterism (which will be so important for the esoteric culture of the future humanity of Aquarius).

In the words of Samael Aun Weor: Buddha and the Christ complement each other. Since Buddha brought us the doctrine of Atman (our Innermost) and Christ brought us the doctrine of the Cosmic Christ (Chokmah). 

In some chapters of the book, Buddhist Esoterism is dealt with and extensively explained, starting from the ‘axis’ of the book and main symbol: the necklace of the Buddha — the necklace symbolizing the Wheel of Samsara (our present state of conditioning and slavery) with its 108 beads (108 lives assigned to every Essence or returning Soul).

In addition, the book includes chapters devoted to the science of Tantrism and the creation of the Solar Bodies or Higher Existential Bodies of the Being (Second factor: To Be Born). In other words, The Buddha’s Necklace deals extensively with the Three Factors for the Revolution of Consciousness, following the trend initiated in the previous Christmas Messages.

The study of the Ego and its dissolution are also dealt with at length, including a detailed explanation about the study of the human subconscious, the analysis of the Ego and its dissolution.

The Third Factor of the Revolution of Consciousness is dealt with in the chapters devoted to the Cosmic Drama and the Venusta Initiation. Specifically, in the first and last chapters of the book, the author elaborates on the sacrifice of the Solar Logos and its importance for the creation and maintenance of the Cosmos and, at an internal level, its fundamental importance for the redemption of the human beingthe incarnation of the Cosmic Christ in connection with the Nativity of the Heart (the birth of the Inner Saviour in the Initiate’s Heart), through which the Esoteric Resurrection and subsequent perfection of mastership are achieved.

The Buddha’s Necklace also includes important chapters devoted to self-rememberingdivision of attention and the science of meditation, which help us in the Awakening of Consciousness and the deep analysis of the Ego.

So, The Buddha’s Necklace clearly demonstrates that the Gnostic Teaching, as delivered by the Avatar of Aquarius Samael Aun Weor, is complete in itself and constitutes an organic whole in which all parts are interrelated.

‘The hero of the Solar Myth has been always depicted as a God-Man, and his life unfolds according to the course of the Sun, which is the cosmic vehicle of the Solar Logos…’

‘The whole course of the Sun, from its birth to its death and resurrection, was dramatically performed in all the Mystery Schools. The Initiate then ordered his life according to the Solar Drama, and in fact he eventually became a solar individual…’

Samael Aun Weor

Table of Contents

Preface  1. The Sun Child   2. The Milky Way  3. The Solar System Ors  4. Atomic Science  5. The Ninth Sphere  6. Sexual Energy   7. The Attraction of Opposites   8. Sexual Hydrogen SI-12   9. The Lunar Bodies 10. The Pluralized I 11. Kundalini 12. Opium, the ‘I’ and the Subconscious  13. The Buddha’s Necklace  14. Gnosis 15. Division of Attention  16. Inner Self-Remembering  17. The Science of Meditation  18. The Chinese Master Wu Wen 19. The Venusta Initiation  – Final Salutations

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