The Greater Mysteries

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ISBN: 978-1-905970-77-3 
Length: 155 pages (approximately – depending on reading device)


Synopsis of the Book

As its title indicates, The Greater Mysteries is a purely initiatory book written by Samael Aun Weor in 1956.

On that year, and being thirty-nine years old, Samael Aun Weor successfully completes the first stage of the Esoteric Path of Initiation (known as the ‘Mountain of Initiation’), a stage which covers the Five Great Initiations of Fire and the Eight Initiations of Light. As a result, he becomes an Adept or Master of the White Brotherhood.

Following this extraordinary achievement, Samael Aun Weor becomes a qualified Master to guide the Gnostic students, not only in regard to the Lesser Mysteries, but also in regard to the Greater Mysteries.

This book is part of an important ‘trilogy’ on the subject, comprising: The first book he wrote The Doorway to Initiation (and its definite sequel The Perfect Marriage), The Greater Mysteries and The Three Mountains, which he wrote in a period of twenty-two years as he gradually completed the Esoteric Path of Initiation.

The Greater Mysteries focuses on the subject of initiatory preparation, and comprises three parts:

The first part expands on the first book he wrote and deals with Esoteric Initiation and initiatory preparation. The second part thoroughly covers the personal initiatory process of Master Jesus the Christ in relation to the Greater Mysteries, and the third part covers various complementary subjects in relation to the Gnostic Movement and the Gnostic Teaching.

Much of the material in this book is found nowhere in the extensive Corpus of Samael Aun Weor, making this book a unique book in its own right.

Moreover, this book is a complete version of the book written by Samael Aun Weor in 1956 (not one paragraph has been left out).

The Greater Mysteries is a must for anyone wishing to have a practical, ‘hands on’ information on the subject of Initiation and a clear idea of what this Path is all about.

Table of Contents 

Part One:

1. Eden – The Labarum of the Temple – The Swans of Paradise – The Sexual Act in Eden
2. Lucifer – Jehovah – Lucifer – Christ
3. The Tree of Life – Initiation – The Ages of Consciousness
4. Astral Travelling – The Hill of Chapultepec – A Key for Awakening Consciousness during Sleep
5. Karmic Dealings – The Twenty-Two Major Arcana – Astral Projection – The Jinas State – A Key for Invoking   the Body from a Distance – Meditation
6. The Dark Ones – The Dark Ones Close the Doors of Eden – The Two Closed Doors
7. Initiatory Preparation
8. The Two Witnesses
9. Gaio – The Sexual Question
10. The Seven Churches – Individuals Who Do Harm – Fear Mongering – The Church of the Holy Spirit – The Seven Temples – The Seven Serpents

Part Two:

11. The Birth of Jesus – Spiritual Birth – Origin of the Human I – The Guardian of the Threshold
12. The First Great Birth of Jesus Christ – The Temple Ceremony
13. The Holy Family Flees to Egypt – Jesus in Egypt – The Thirty-Three Temple Chambers – The Third Serpent – The Fourth Serpent – The Fifth Serpent -Last Moments of Jesus in Egypt
14. In The Holy Land – The Baptism of Jesus – The Three Aspects of the Crown of Life – The Ancient of Days – The First Divine Couple – The Seven Double Pillars of the Temple
15. The Wedding at Cana – The Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven – The Elixir of Long Life

16. The Bat God – The Supper at Bethany – Ehecatl – God of Wind – Shambhala

Part Three:

17. The Gnostic Movement – Gnostic Tradition – Practice – Not Theories
18. The Jinas State – A Jinas Practice – Imagination – Inspiration – Intuition
19. Apostleship – Order in Gnostic Meetings – Selection of People
20. World Karma
21. Consecration of Talismans and Sanctuaries – Invocation of Solomon – Ceremonies of High Magic – Fire Exorcism – Air Exorcism – Water Exorcism – Earth Exorcism –  A Secret for Becoming Invisible – Plant Magic – Invocations – Exorcisms
22. The Sexual Problem of Single People – Esoteric Vocalization for Single People –   Final Instruction

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