The Message of Aquarius

ISBN: 978-1-905970-00-1
FORMAT: Paperback
PAGES: 224


DESCRIPTION (From the back cover of the book)

In the Message of Aquarius, Samael Aun Weor explains the enigmatic Book of Revelation chapter by chapter and verse by verse in a masterly and mould-breaking way, and in doing so, he highlights the main aspects of Contemporary Gnosticism, in reference to the meaning and implications of the present time and the urgency for us to carry out a work of self-transformation in our own psychology, if we really want to keep up with the changes that the planet Earth will go through in the nearby future as it enters into the astronomical cycle of Aquarius and its direct influences; hence the title of the book: The Message of Aquarius.

Sample of Book The Message of Aquarius


Part One

1 The Son of Man –  2 The Firstborn of the Dead – 3 The Seven Churches – 4 The Metal Serpent – 5 Inner Meditation – 6 The Church of Ephesus – 7 The Church of Smyrna – 8 The Church of Pergamum – 9 The Church of Thyatira – 10 The Church of Sardis – 11 The Church of Philadelphia – 12 The Church of Laodicea – 13 The Jinas States    

Part Two

14 The Throne in Heaven – 15 The Sealed Scroll – 16 The Seven Seals – 17 The Four Angels – 18 The Seventh Seal – 19 The Fifth Angel – 20 The Sixth Trumpet – 21 The Seventh Trumpet – 22 The Two Witnesses – 23 The Woman and the Dragon – 24 The Two Beasts – 25 The Lamb in Zion – 26 The Seven Angels and the Seven Bowls – 27 The Seven Bowls are Poured – 28 The Harlot and the Beast -29 Fallen is Babylon – 30 The Buddha Maitreya – 31 The Millenium and the Judgement   

Part Three

32 The New Jerusalem – 33 The River of the Water of Life 

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