The Revolution of Bel

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Synopsis of the Book

The Revolution of Bel was the second book by Samael Aun Weor. He wrote it a few months after his first book, The Perfect Marriage (The Gateway to Initiation), in 1950.

With these two books Samael Aun Weor set out the ‘keynote’ for his entire work during the first part of his mission, covering a period of almost thirty years, in his capacity of the Avatar (messenger) of the Age of Aquarius. Since with these two books he ‘started off’, preparing humanity for the approaching Age of Aquarius, both at an esoteric and cultural level.

In short, these two books contain the foundations of a new esoteric paradigm for humanity, following the decrees of the Conscious Circle of Solar Humanity (White Lodge).

If his first book, The Perfect Marriage deals at length with the Path of Initiation and how to access it; his second book, The Revolution of Bel, instead expands on the previous one, laying special emphasis on exposing the enemies of the Path of Initiation, and in general, of the plan of the Solar Logos for this humanity, namely the Black Lodge.

In The Revolution of Bel, Samael Aun Weor discloses the main doctrines, rituals, initiations of the black brotherhood, as he clearly explains its ethos and objectives. At the same time, the author unmasks its main hierarchs and institutions.

This was necessary, since all these black organizations appear as legitimate ones, using esoteric names and accepted doctrines, with the only aim of deceiving the aspirants, alienating them from the path of the Light and turning them into members of of black-magic orders, and all of this without them realizing it.

Throughout the book, Samael Aun Weor devotes a good number of pages to setting out the differences between the white and black initiation, thoroughly explaining how the white initiation is based on  the positive awakening of Kundalini, thus turning the aspirant into a Master or Adept of the White Brotherhood, while, on the other hand, the black initiation is based on fornication (seminal spilling) and the negative awakening of the serpent Kundalini, thus turning the aspirant into a ‘demon’, into a transgressing black magician.

Concurrently, in this book the author reveals in detail the personal process of one of the main hierarchs of the Black Lodge – one known by the name of Beelzebub, or simply Bel, who, believing that he was being initiated into a temple of Light in a remote past, in reality he was lured into the black path, eventually becoming one of its main leaders, the so-called ‘prince of demons’.

Fortunately, thanks to the personal effort of Samael Aun Weor, Beelzebub recognized his error, left the Black Lodge, and became an Adept of the White Lodge. Hence the title of the book The Revolution of Bel.

To better understand this historical period, in the last part of the book the author tells us that 1950 was a truly crucial year for humanity, not only because a main hierarch of the Black Lodge repented of his wrong ways and went over to the White Lodge – a thing never seen before in the history of humanity, but because two major events also took place in that year as a preparation for the Age of Aquarius.

The first one, following the instructions of the White Lodge, and fulfilling the prophecies of the book of Revelation, Samael captures and puts out of action the chief hierarch of the Black Lodge, a fallen Throne, called Jahve. This hierarch was the direct responsible for the failure of this humanity.

Jahve, the head of the Black Lodge, is locked up in Avitchi (abyss of the black moon), and with him thousands of black magicians; this bringing about a substantial cleansing of the astral atmosphere of the Earth, and eventually allowing for the successful beginning of the Age of Aquarius and for the birth and growth of the Gnostic Movement worldwide.

The second event, which took place in 1950, was the Final Judgement of humanity, in which the White Lodge certifies that human evolution has failed and that humanity deserves to be sent to the abyss.

And now, the remaining years, from 1950 onwards, what we have is an extra time given to humanity, a ‘period of grace’, a unique opportunity for us to take up the Path of Initiation and to clearly define our position, either for the Christ or for Jahve, either for the White Lodge or for the Black Lodge.

Finally, this book contains an extensive appendix with fifty-eight questions posed to Samael Aun Weor at that time. These questions and their answers deal with many diverse esoteric topics, some of them not found anywhere in the extensive corpus of the author’s work.

Table of Contents

Dedication – 1. The Revolution of Bel – 2. Arcadia – 3. White Magic and Black Magic – 4.The Two Paths – 5. The Staff of the Patriarchs – 6. I Accuse – 7. The Atom Nous – 8. The Mind and Intuition – 9. The Lunar Period – 10. The Terrestrial Period – 11. Lemuria – 12. A Battle in Heaven – 13. Atlantis – 14. The Black Magic of the Atlanteans – 15. Nirvana – 16. The Elixir of Long Life – 17. Bel and his Revolution – 18. The Millennium – Hymn of the New Age – Appendix

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