The Social Christ

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Synopsis of the Book

Written at the beginning of the 1960’s, in the middle of the Cold War, when the capitalist and communist powers sought to dominate the world, The Social Christ came out to counteract this socio-political polarity, thereby offering humanity a new paradigm based on the Revolution of Consciousness, that is, on a conscious revolutionary ethics.

As Samael Aun Weor explains elsewhere, his overall mission not only concerns the esoteric or religious field, but also embraces the social and economic spheres of nations, which the author extensively addresses in this book.

At first sight, it would appear that the information in this book is outdated, since more than fifty years have passed since its writing. But a deeper perspective tells us otherwise.

While it is true that the traditional forms of communism and fascism have mostly disappeared from society, it is no less true that new forms of totalitarian ideologies are currently emerging in the middle of it, worldwide. These new forms are once again creating new conditions of coercion and suffering — only this time in a more subtle and surreptitious way. The book addresses this recurrent social phenomenon and suggests methods to avoid its effects.

In view of this, the core information in this book has not lost its relevance for the discerning reader.

The Social Christ is an extensive book (sixty-three chapters), which combines social, economic and psychological subjects, making up a whole unit, and having as a leitmotif an emphasis on self-knowledge and psychological transformation, with a view to achieving a more conscious and just society. As the author stresses throughout the book: the exterior, our society, is a reflection of the individual. If the individual does not change, society will remain the same; it will not change either.

In the author’s own words: ‘It is urgent to eliminate selfishness and cultivate Christ-centredness. Only in this way can we make a better world…’

Finally, as it is written in the Preface of the book:

The Social Christ is more than a denunciation of communism and capitalism. It contains the principles and values that must govern a just society. These are based on Conscious Politics, as it will be applied by the rulers of the coming future humanity.

Table of Contents

Preface - Introduction - 1. The Individual and Society - 2. Helpless Children - 3. Traffic Accidents - 4. Child Delinquency - 5. Money - 6. The Social Security Institution - 7. The Heart-Mind - 8. Hunger and Poverty in Latin America - 9. Big Corporations - 10. The Right to Work - 11. Trade Unions - 12. The Great Problem - 13. Hunger Kills Forty Million People a Year - 14. The Housing Problem - 15. Helplessness - 16. Poisons à la Carte - 17. Employers and Workers - 18. Polytechnical Matters - 19. Government  - 20. Capital Gains - 21. Self-Love - 22. The Prison Problem  - 23. Bad Taxes - 24. The Trick of Wage Increase - 25. Civilization and Barbarism - 26. Cooperation - 27. Ahimsa - 28. Radical Change - 29. Land Parcelling - 30. Minimum Wage and House Rent - 31. Severance Pay - 32. The Latin American Christian Socialist Party - 33. Human Rights - 34. Non-Degreed  Professionals - 35. The Unemployment Problem - 36. Monster Children - 37. The Gold Standard and the Work Standard - 38. The Third World War - 39. The Tragedy of Tenants - 40. Social Insurance - 41. The Permanent Centre of Consciousness - 42. Pawnbrokers - 43. The Cuban Affair - 44. The Fourth Unit of Reasoning - 45. Metaphysics - 46. The Dogma of Evolution - 47. The Hegelian Nodular Line - 48. Three Types of Phenomena - 49. The Opposite Pairs of Philosophy - 50. The Universal Spirit of Life - 51. The Thing-In-Itself - 52. Consciousness - 53. Thought and Matter - 54. Theory and Material Force - 55. Association and Production - 56. Use and Creation of Means of Work - 57. The Problem of Public Education - 58. Shades of Colour - 59. Language - 60. Art - 61. Human Lifespan - 62. The Cosmic Law Solioonensius  - 63. Rhythm, Return, Recurrence - Conclusion

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