The Solar Bodies

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ISBN: 978-1-905970-89-6
FORMATS: ePub and mobi (for Kindle)
Length: 320 pages (approximately – depending on reading device)


Synopsis of the Book

Written in the year 1967, this Christmas Message is a complete book in which Samael Aun Weor expands on the fundamental subjects of the Gnostic Teaching which he began to deal with in previous years.

As its title implies, in the thirty-seven chapters of this book Samael Aun Weor gathers the entire doctrine for the manufacturing or creation of the Higher Existential Bodies of the Being or Solar Bodies.

By acquiring these bodies, the Initiate gets rid of the fatal lunar heredity (the lunar or natural bodies), to which all human beings are subjugated, thus attaining the true immortality of the Soul, the Second Birth, and becoming a Real or Solar Man, an Adept of the Conscious Circle of Solar Humanity.

When an Initiate reaches this stage, he or she just accomplishes the First Mountain of Initiation. In the last chapters of this book the author introduces the Second Mountain: the Path of John, or Path of the Logos, which leads to the perfection of Mastership and Initiatory Resurrection.

In the words of Samael Aun Weor himself:

‘Whoever wants to incarnate his total Soul, his Divine Immortal Triad, Atman-Buddhi-Manas, must first descend to the Ninth Sphere (Sex) in order to create his solar electronic bodies…’

‘To incarnate the Divine Immortal Triad in fact means to achieve the Second Birth… Those who attain the Second Birth enter the Temple of the Twice Born…’

‘No one could enter the Kingdom wearing beggar’s clothes, lunar rags…’

Samael Aun Weor
(From chapter 33, The Second Birth)

Table of Contents

1. Atlantis   –   2. The Aryan Race   –   3. The New Catastrophe   –  4. Dangerous Symptoms   –  5. Atomic Science   –   6. Warnings that Nature is Giving us  –  7. The Great Judge  –   8. The Submerged Mineral Kingdom  –  9. The Protoplasmatic Bodies  –  10. The Pluralized ‘I’  –  11. The Consciousness  –  12. Reincarnation-Return  –  13. The Law of Recurrence  –  14. The Human Machine  –  15. Evolution and Involution  –  16. The Revolution of Consciousness  –  17. The Moon  –  8. Limbo  –  19. Mercury  –  20. The Sex Glands  –  21. The Caduceus of Mercury  –  22. White Tantrism  –  23. The Chakras  –  24. The Magisterium of Fire  –  25. Pranayama  –  26. Black Tantrism  –  27. Grey Tantrism  –  28. Sexual Abstinence  –  29. Solar Laws and Lunar Laws  –  30. The Astral Body  –  31. The Mental Body  –  32. The Causal Body  –  33. The Second Birth   –  34. Peter, Judas and John  –  35. The Path of John  –  36. Story of the Chinese Master Kao Feng  – 37. The Passion of Al-Hallaj –  Final Salutations

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